Career Opportunities at Aspectus

At Aspectus, we ensure maximum career growth for our officers. Security Officers who perform well are selected for higher training such as supervisory courses and elective modules.  Aspectus provides an equal opportunity to all our Security Officers.

Security Officers who have performed their duties well are recommended for senior positions such as Senior Security Officers or Security Supervisors.


  • Screening of people, vehicles
  • Checking of Person and properties
  • Safeguarding of properties, preventing thefts
  • Patrolling and clocking of patrol routes
  • Checking for leaks & signs of fire and/or smoke
  • Checking and prevent entry of unauthorized people/staff
  • Checking and ensuring that security systems/equipment are in working conditions and not tampered with
  • To note and report any irregularities
  • Check perimeter fences/walls for wear & tear or forced entry
  • Access & Egress Control
  • Respond to & report alarms
  • Respond to & report to fire related incidents
  • Respond to & report crimes or public order incidents
  • Respond to & report suspicious persons, belongings, vehicles
  • Respond to & report medical emergencies


  • Respond to & report complex or large-scale safety and security incidents
  • Assist in evacuation
  • Manage Security & Safety Systems
  • Manage Central Alarm Monitoring System
  • Manage fire control system, lift control system, carpark system
  • Regulating Traffic (Road Traffic Act)
  • Regulated traffic under Sec142B (RTA)
  • CCTV/Central Alarm Monitoring/ Fire Command Centre Monitoring
  • Monitor CCTV & Centralized Alarm monitoring
  • Maintain CCTV storage libraries
  • Assist State/Auxiliary Police in law enforcement, policing & enforcement
  • Key Press Management


  • Incident Management & Reporting
  • Investigate security incidents
  • Supervise & direct security personnel
  • Conduct team briefing & debrief
  • Execute evacuation plans/exercise


  • Possess a valid PLRD security license
  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • Physically fit
  • Able to write, read and speak in English
  • Must have integrity and responsibility

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Connect with us.

Talk to our officers for your
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